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Blepharoplasty and Eyelid Surgery – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Blepharoplasty: Patient testimonial 
My vision is no longer impaired and I have a whole new quality of life. When my ophthalmologist determined that my field of vision was reduced by 30 percent, I finally decided to go through with upper eyelid surgery and submitted an application to have my health insurance provider cover the costs in January 2013. I realized this kind of procedure generally isn’t performed in hospitals, so I knew I would have to look for a plastic surgeon, but finding the right one isn’t so easy if you don’t know anyone who’s had plastic surgery before. I did some research on the Internet before deciding on three doctors in the Stuttgart area to schedule consultations with.
All three provided me with comprehensive information on what would be done, and when, where and how, but what they charged for the procedure varied enormously. In the end, I went by my gut feeling and chose Dr. Osthus, and it was the right decision. I’m very happy with the delicate work he did on my eyes and want to thank him again here for the excellent job he did.
As I said, the initial consultation was very detailed. I was able to schedule an appointment for the operation quickly and was able to go out in public after only a little more than a week. I was amazed that I really had no pain whatsoever, and the bruising around my eyes stayed within moderate limits. It took a bit longer for the swelling to subside, but of course how efficiently the lymphatic system works varies from individual to individual. Follow-up appointments were scheduled regularly and in frequent intervals – something I find important and reassuring.
Now, six weeks after the operation, I enjoy looking in the mirror again and my vision is unobstructed. I have eyes again – I really look more much more alert and rested, without it being apparent that I had something “done” – the true measure of skill when it comes to this kind of operation.
I would like to thank the ladies in Dr. Osthus’s team for the loving attention and care they gave me, whenever I came in to the office. If you’re considering having plastic surgery and live in the greater Stuttgart area, I can only recommend that you see Dr. Osthus in Leonberg! (Translator’s note: now located in Böblingen)
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Recommendation – eyelid surgery
First-rate consultation, excellent follow-up care, superb result.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient Testimonial: Eyelid Surgery
My eyelids had begun to droop so badly you could hardly see my eyelashes anymore, giving me a tired, lethargic expression. I was growing unhappier by the day, so I finally decided to have eyelid surgery and scheduled preliminary appointments with several doctors and clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery.
When I went in for the consultation with Dr. Osthus, I felt comfortable and welcome right away. I’ve rarely met such a nice team and such a friendly, competent doctor. He explained the procedure, the modus operandi and everything I needed to consider both before and after the surgery to ensure that the operation was successful in clear, straightforward language.
Everyone was very caring and did what they could to reassure me – “holding my hand,” playing my favorite music and so on – so that the anxiety I naturally felt practically vanished. The injection didn’t hurt and I had no pain during the procedure, either; general anesthesia really isn’t necessary. The operation itself was remarkably stress-free and pleasant. I did have a little pain on the first day, but I was given medication to take home, as well as something to reduce swelling and a cool pad, and I was pain-free the next day. The stitches were removed after just five days, and it wasn’t even quite ten days before I was able to go out without sunglasses again.
They scheduled three follow-up appointments, but I was urged to call anytime in the event that I was concerned or unsure about anything. When I went in after three months for a last check-up and to have a final “after” picture of my eyes taken, everything was fine and I got to take the “before” photograph home with me.
I don’t know why I waited so long to take this step, but I give Dr. Osthus and his team a lot of credit for the fact that I finally went through with it – I just immediately felt that I was in goods hands with them. I feel so much better today! No more droopy eyelids… I look fresh and alert without looking “operated on”… I can finally use eye shadow” (before no one would have been able to tell)…  And not to forget – I look a few years younger, too! A surgical procedure that’s quick, simple and safe but has an enormous effect. People keep asking me if I just got back from vacation because I look so refreshed and relaxed. No one ever guesses that it’s only because I had surgery on my upper eyelids. Today I would probably have my lower lids done at the same time, which I unfortunately decided against when Dr. Osthus suggested it during the initial consultation. I can warmly recommend Dr. Osthus and his team – I would entrust myself to their care again anytime. Thank you very, very much.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient recommendation: Blepharoplasty
I needed to have surgery because my eyelids were interfering with my vision. The entire team is very friendly and obliging, and I felt totally comfortable and at ease from the very first consultation. Dr. Osthus explained the procedure step by step, and I was surprised to learn that it’s actually not all that complicated and doesn’t take very long. The operation went off without a hitch, I had no pain at all, and I received excellent care afterwards (Dr. Osthus gave me his number so I could reach him if anything urgent came up on the weekend ) Meanwhile it’s been several months since the surgery and I have to say I’m really satisfied. There are no visible scars, and I can see normally again without my eyelids getting in the way. Judging from my experience, I can definitely recommend Dr. Osthus.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient Testimonial: Eyelid Surgery
Dr. Osthus is very friendly, conscientious and capable and takes time for each of his patients. The result is fabulous.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient Testimonial for Eyelid Surgery
I was very satisfied with the operation. Dr. Osthus and his entire team are very friendly. And I also want to mention: no waiting time, good post-operative care, plenty of parking available.
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Patient Testimonial – Blepharoplasty
Dr. Osthus performed eyelid surgery on me and everything went to my utmost satisfaction. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and the care I received from Dr. Osthus and his team was outstanding. Dr. Osthus gave me his number so I could reach him anytime if necessary after the operation. Particularly worthy of mention: very good consultation; quick appointments; minimal waiting time; convenient, central location with underground parking; friendly team. I can definitely recommend Dr. Osthus!
Source: portal-der-schoenheit.de

Blepharoplasty – Great Team
Hello, I had upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Osthus in Leonberg four weeks ago. It was the best decision I could have made. The consultation was super and the team was great. I felt I was in the very best hands and can recommend them 100 percent.
Source: estheticon.de

Upper Eyelid Lift – Super Result
Eyelid lift surgery– very satisfied. Hello, I had an upper eyelid lift done with Dr. Osthus four weeks ago. The consultation, the care I received and the surgery itself couldn’t have been better. The result is so amazing that I can only recommend Dr. Osthus and his team.
Source: estheticon.de

I’ve been considering having upper eyelid surgery and went in for a preliminary consultation today, which was very informative. Dr. Osthus is a very nice man and took a lot of time to explain everything to me. Now I just have to decide when to have the procedure done… I’ll be sure to tell you about it here afterwards, Rosamietzkatze (Pinkkittycat)
Source: estheticon.de

Eyelid Lift Surgery – Perfect
My eyelids turned out perfect, and I would have the surgery with the same doctor again. I was always treated well and received good care from the preliminary consultation to the final post-operative check-up. I found Dr. Osthus on the Internet and I can only recommend him.
Source: estheticon.de

Eyelid Correction
I had drooping eyelids that interfered with my vision. I decided to have surgery after a comprehensive initial consultation with Dr. Osthus in early July, and the operation was performed on July 11. I had no pain or complications, and as of the date I’m writing this (August 14), I’m very satisfied with the result.
Source: estheticon.de

Hooded Eyelids – Problem Solved
It was worth it. Problem: Hooded eyelids that were so extreme that they affected my vision. Cost: My health insurance covered most of the expense. I especially want to mention that Dr. Osthus really knows what he’s doing when it comes to injections and is an extraordinarily skilled surgeon. I was very nervous before the operation, but the team was extremely kind and took wonderful care of me, which made everything a lot easier for me. The procedure was performed on an outpatient basis; when it was over I stayed there for observation for two hours and then took a cab home. Meanwhile everything has healed very well and I can only recommend Dr. Osthus (and his team) to everyone.
Source: estheticon.de

I had surgery four weeks ago. The result is excellent and I’m more than satisfied. First-rate consultation and care. A doctor I can only – I have to – recommend.
Source: jameda.de

Dr. Osthus enjoys my complete trust
I was unhappy for years because of my droopy eyelids, which made me look old and tired. Scheduling an appointment for the consultation was no problem, and the session itself was excellent – very informative and comprehensive. Dr. Osthus is very open and capable and I trust him completely. He’s a very skilled surgeon and I felt I was in good hands the entire time. The scars healed quickly and I’m very happy with the result – I finally look as young as I feel again.
I can’t understand why I waited so long to have this operation; it’s really improved my quality of life and I’m very grateful. My heartfelt thanks also to Dr. Osthus’s two assistants, who couldn’t have been nicer.
Source: jameda.de

Eyelid Surgery: First-Rate Work – A Highly Recommendable Doctor
The ambiance was so pleasant that I felt comfortable right away, and Ms. Schenk and Ms. Winter were extremely nice and did everything they could to attend to my needs and wellbeing.
The result of the surgery is so amazing that my “puffy eyelid days” are practically forgotten.
Now I’m happy and can see clearly again thanks to Dr. Osthus and his “dream team.”
Source: jameda.de

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