Nonsurgical Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

The cosmetic plastic surgery provides many ways by which you can enhance your natural beauty.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments for Facial Lines and Wrinkles

Most of us do what we can to keep our skin healthy and looking good. But even the best skin care products can’t prevent time from taking its toll in the form of  facial lines and wrinkles. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are an option for many women who find that cosmetic products alone aren’t able to achieve the results they want.

But lines and wrinkles also give our face character. Most mature, confident women don’t want the smooth, unlined face of a teenager, but prefer minimally-invasive treatments that underline their unique beauty with natural-looking effects.

A number of methods for the non-surgical treatment of facial lines and wrinkles are available today that can achieve excellent, long-lasting results and could enhance your appearance immediately.

So-called “dynamic” wrinkles – lines caused by repeated muscle activity – are usually treated with BTA (botulinum toxin type A) injections, while injections with the dermal filler hyaluronic acid are generally the treatment of choice for folds and wrinkles caused by loss of and shifts in facial volume that occur as part of the normal aging process.

Our many satisfied patients attest that non-surgical cosmetic treatments can be an excellent choice for those who want to look better without undergoing surgery.

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