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Sweat Gland Treatment with Botulinumtoxin – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient Testimonial: Sweat Gland Treatment
Nice team, great doctor. Dr. Osthus takes a lot of time to explain everything in the initial consultation, and for the actual procedure and the follow-up care, as well. And the best part is – the results are absolutely great!! I had the sweat glands under my arms removed a little over a year ago and I’m really more than pleased with the outcome. Finally – no more (excessive) sweating! And when I do perspire (like when I’m working out or really nervous or excited about something), it stops again after a little while, like it does with “normal” people, instead of going on for ages… I can only recommend the procedure – and in particular, having it done with Dr. Osthus!!

Blocking sweat glands with BTA injections
I used to suffer from constant sweating under my arms. The problem was highly annoying and unpleasant, so after a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Osthus, I decided to have BTA injections in my armpits to block my sweat glands in July 2013. It did hurt a bit, but I found the pain bearable and the treatment took effect after just a few days: The sweating under my arms has ceased completely. How long the effect lasts varies considerably and can be anywhere from three to nine months. I’m very satisfied with the advice and treatment I received and with the result of the procedure – I’d have it done with Dr. Osthus again anytime. The office is very pleasant, the team is incredibly friendly, and Dr. Osthus really takes the time to listen to you and answer all your questions.

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