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Lip Augmentation – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Lip Augmentation – Natural Look
I have my lips plumped by Dr. Osthus regularly. I can recommend Dr. Osthus to anyone who cares about looking natural. He really knows how to achieve a result that looks good. The consultation was extremely thorough and the treatment itself was very pleasant. I’m certainly not ever switching cosmetic surgeons again – once with Dr. Osthus, ALWAYS with Dr. Osthus. I want to express my sincere thanks to him.

Lip Augmentation – Very Good Result
I had a full lip augmentation done with Dr. Osthus. I was very happy with the sensitive, caring treatment I received, beginning with the consultation right on down to the procedure itself, and I didn’t have to wait at all when I went in for the check-up afterwards. My lips fit my face beautifully and look very natural – Dr. Osthus took pictures before and after the procedure so I could compare. The price was reasonable and included top-quality dermal filler from Juvéderm. I felt newly born and am very happy with the result. If I ever need to have anything else done, I’ll consult Dr. Osthus again. Can I recommend him? Yes, absolutely.

Full Lip Augmentation – Excellent Result
I wanted full lips that look natural and harmonize with my face. It did hurt a bit since I only wanted a topical anesthetic cream, but Dr. Osthus explained that it’s less painful if you choose to have a dental block. Everything was great: the white-and-yellow color scheme in the office is really pleasant and soothing, and you get to choose what music you want to hear. I went in for the consultation and once I had decided to have the procedure done, I was able to go through with it right then and there. After waiting 15 minutes for the topical anesthetic to take effect, Dr. Osthus injected the filler and had me check in the mirror to see if any areas needed more attention. When he was finished, he applied cool packs and I was able to leave another 15 minutes later. I applied more cool packs at home when the anesthetic wore off, but I had no real pain. Very good – I can recommend him.

Lip augmentation – Everything looks totally natural
Two weeks after the treatment, I’m 100% satisfied (initially I had the impression the filler had to “even” out a bit first). My lips look just the way I wanted. I told Dr. Osthus I didn’t want duck lips, and he gave me exactly the result I was hoping for: They look very natural, and you’d never guess I had them done if you didn’t know 🙂 It took me a little while to find his office [in Leonberg], so plan in a little extra time to get there. The procedure itself was rather painful despite the topical analgesic. EXCELLENT value for the money!! BIG PLUS: the preliminary consultation is free of charge. Can I recommend this doctor? Yes!

He listens to what his patients want
I had my lips augmented in February and was really satisfied. Dr. Osthus is a very nice, caring doctor. Highly recommended. He has a feeling for what looks good and really listens to his patients and what they want. I’m going to continue to have treatment with him. Regards, Gülhan

HIGHLY Recommendable!!! 🙂
Hi, everybody, I went in for a consultation on lip augmentation with Dr. Osthus yesterday.
A very likable, nice doctor who takes plenty of time for you and answers all your questions patiently. He showed me/us before-and-after pictures and they really impressed/convinced us. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, try Dr. Osthus first, I can only recommend him…

Lip augmentation –Very good
The consultation, the quality of the work and the product used, reassuring manner –recommendable on all counts.

Capable Doctor – Highly Recommendable
I had a full lip augmentation done. The preliminary consultation was excellent; Dr. Osthus was very sensitive and explained everything patiently. The atmosphere is pleasant and soothing – beautiful rooms, soft music – and you don’t have to wait long. The result is fantastic.

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