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Amazing Result After Just One Month
I had liposuction on my stomach. The result is amazing after just one month. Wearing the compression garment is a bit annoying, but if it helps… Had the procedure done under general anesthesia, so I had absolutely no pain. The color scheme is very calming and I even got to bring along a CD with music I wanted, so I was really relaxed and not tense at all. I’d be happy to go back again – maybe I’ll have my thighs done. Highly recommendable.

Liposuction on My Stomach and Upper Arms – Excellent Treatment
Hello, I had liposuction done on my stomach and upper arms two days ago and had the skin tightened on the inside of my upper arms at the same time. It went very well, and I can recommend Dr. Osthus in all good conscience. Consultation, skill, friendliness and value for money all get the highest marks . I plan to have more done, and with Dr. Osthus, of course, rosamietzekatze (pinkkittycat)

Patient Testimonial – Liposuction with Dr. Osthus – I’d Do It Again Anytime!
I went to see Dr. Osthus six weeks ago to have liposuction on my love handles and lower abdomen. I got to see the result myself directly after the procedure and was absolutely thrilled! I went in for a consultation a few weeks before the actual surgery, which was extremely thorough. The operation itself went very smoothly. I was awake the whole time and even had an animated conversation with Dr. Osthus while he was working. I wasn’t in constant pain after the procedure. The first two days and nights were uncomfortable because it hurt whenever I changed my position (standing-sitting-lying), but that was it. Wearing the compression garment didn’t bother me. I’m slowly getting used to how great I look and enjoy looking in the mirror again. I’m still amazed at the even, uniform result Dr. Osthus managed to achieve. I want to take this opportunity to say kudos and a big thank you to him! 🙂 I can only wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Osthus to anyone who’s considering liposuction. My only regret is that I waited so long to have it done, and I’m really looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer…

Patient Testimonial: Liposuction
A friend of mine recommended Dr. Osthus to me when she heard I was looking for a good plastic surgeon for my saddlebags. I’m quite slim, but I just couldn’t get rid of those excess fat deposits on my thighs no matter what I tried, and they really bothered me. The preliminary consultation with Dr. Osthus was excellent and very extensive. I had no pain during the operation even though I was awake the whole time (that was how I wanted it). The immediate result was pretty impressive, but it’s even better now after five months. Wearing the compression garment after the operation wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but you soon forget about that afterwards. One thing I definitely want to mention: the extremely nice, attentive team. I can recommend them without any reservations. I’ve already scheduled an appointment for the next procedure – I’m going to have my eyelids done.

Patient Testimonial – Liposuction
I can only agree with what my predecessor wrote: a fabulous team; no pain; the result I was hoping for (I can wear figure-hugging clothes again).

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