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Inverted Nipple Correction – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Breast surgery – Inverted Nipple Correction

Several months ago Dr. Osthus performed surgery on my inverted nipples, which were so pronounced that they couldn’t be corrected with a niplette. The worst part were the endless discussions with my family beforehand; everyone kept trying to convince me that everything was fine and I didn’t need to have an operation. But I was really unhappy and felt so self-conscious that I wouldn’t undress in front of others to go to the sauna or have a shower at the gym, so I found Dr. Osthus and his team on the Internet and scheduled an appointment. He explained everything to me when I went in for the initial consultation, and I knew right away that I was in the right place. The operation was a total success. It didn’t take long and I didn’t need general anesthesia – I was even able to drive home myself afterwards. At first my nipples looked almost square, but now they look completely natural and I’m so happy. I can only advise anyone who’s in the same situation as I was: Do what you feel is right for you and don’t listen to anyone who tries to talk you out of it.
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Breast surgery – Inverted Nipple Correction

I had inverted nipples since I was a child and had been thinking about having an operation for a long time. Four months ago, I finally decided to consult Dr. Osthus about having them corrected. I only had to wait about a week after calling to get an appointment for the initial consultation, which was free of charge (unlike with many other doctors) and took about half an hour. Dr. Osthus came across as very capable as well as very pleasant, and he explained the operation method and the risks involved to me carefully. After sleeping on it for a night, I decided to go through with the surgery.


On the day of the operation, I was greeted warmly by Dr. Osthus and his team (as I had been the times before), and I hardly felt nervous at all anymore. The operation can be performed under local anesthetic, but because I’m chicken, I decided to ask for a mild sedative (it cost an extra 100 euros or so, but I can definitely recommend it). It took effect pretty much right away and I basically slept through the operation, so it seemed like it was over in ten minutes, even though it actually took about an hour.


I had some slight pain that evening when the anesthetic wore off, but it wasn’t severe. The pain was moderate in the first week and much milder from the second week and it was easily managed with paracetamol. I really didn’t have any severe pain; I’d say it was roughly comparable to the discomfort from sore muscles or a bruise.

I didn’t work out and slept on my back during the first few weeks. The bandage wasn’t very bulky and was barely noticeable under my clothes, so I went back to work after just a few days.


I’m more than satisfied with the outcome of the operation and haven’t regretted it for even a minute. Every day I look in the mirror and can hardly believe what I see. I can only recommend having surgery to anyone with the same problem – it changed my life! 🙂

I think very highly of Dr. Osthus’s skills as a doctor and can warmly recommend him. Thanks to his professional manner, which is leavened with a good dose of humor, you never feel embarrassed. And he could always be reached on his cell phone after the operation, which I found especially positive!

I’d also like to say hats off to the rest of the team, who were very caring and unfailingly friendly!


Source: portal-der-schoenheit

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