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I had a facelift four months ago – the result is great
Dr. Osthus was recommended to me. After I had him perform several smaller procedures (hyaluronic acid and BTA treatments for facial lines) and was very pleasantly surprised by the results, I started thinking about having a facelift – certainly one of the supreme disciplines in cosmetic surgery and an operation you should only have done by a qualified, experienced surgeon to avoid nasty surprises. Dr. Osthus took a lot of time for the preliminary consultation (which was free of charge) and explained the possibilities as well as the limits and potential risks of this type of surgical procedure to me in detail.
I was able to schedule an appointment for the operation within four weeks, and the surgery was performed under deep sedation administered by a qualified anesthetist. The preparations on the morning of the procedure (inserting the catheter, marking the incision lines) were carried out in an unhurried, calm manner, so I wasn’t apprehensive at all when I was wheeled into the operating room, where everything was already all set up (I was surprised by the amount of technical equipment there was to administer the anesthesia and monitor my vital signs). The operation took several hours, and I actually slept through most of it – you don’t feel any pain at all.
Afterwards I remained in a quiet room for observation for a few hours, during which Dr. Osthus and Ms. Winter checked on me several times. I did experience some pain in the first three days, but it was absolutely manageable with the usual analgesics, and I didn’t need any pain medication at all after that. I went in for check-ups regularly in the first couple of weeks after the surgery. There were no postoperative complications and I was able to go about my normal daily business without feeling self-conscious after about a week and a half.
Now it’s been four months since the operation, so I can give a conclusive verdict on the results. All swelling and sensory anomalies (slight numbness) have disappeared completely, and the fine scars left by the incisions have already grown so much lighter that they’re hardly visible anymore and no one notices them. Even though the surgery didn’t actually extend to my neck, that now looks much better, too. I didn’t have pronounced jowls and my jawline hadn’t become totally undefined yet or anything, but I can still say I didn’t have my facelift a month too soon. The result is just phenomenal – I got many, many years back. And a final word in regard to the expense – the cost is surprisingly moderate for such a major operation and easily affordable for anyone with a “normal” income.

Patient Recommendation: Facelift
Dr. Osthus is very nice and takes a lot of time for his patients. I’m more than happy with the result of my facelift. I felt very well advised and taken care of by Dr. Osthus and his team, who were also very friendly.

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